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28th January 2023, Saturday

Divisional Musium, Khulna

Organized By Cinta Creative

Meet Our Honorable Speakers

Morshed Mishu

Cartoonist, Assistant Editor, UNMAD
Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2019

Rifat M Huq

Founder at IAcademy and Instructory.
A Professional UX Researcher

Golam Kamruzzaman

Freelancer, Writer & Author @ ZamanTalk

Zahidul Islam

TOP Level at 99 design & Illustration designer

Kamruzzaman shishir

Founder and Owner at DewApples Creative Zone

Sharif Mahammad

Founder at ideal computers & IT Project (ICITP)

Rasel Ahmed

Web Application Developer at Get Found First

Emrazina Islam

Owner & Founder at Emrazina Technologies

Shekh Al Raihan

Head of Design at Ofspace Digital Agency

Nafiur Rahman

Business Development Manager at Payoneer

Minhazul Asif

Founder, Codemanbd

Meet Our Honorable guests

Nasir Bin Burhan

CEO at Nurency Digital

Nazmus Sakib

Founder & Ceo of Xvect
Bangladesh Brand Ambassador of Freepik

Shohag Hossen

CEO at Learn With Shohagh & Brand Logo X

Mohammad Fariduzzaman

TOP Level designer at 99designs

Md. Sakib

CEO & Founder at Pixency

Hasib Imtiaz

Graphic Designer and YouTuber

Hosna ara kolly

COO at instructory & UI Designer at DYT

Shaharuzzaman Sourav​

Founder at Zainik Lab


CEO at Ninjas-IT

Md. Muzahidul Islam

President, BITPA

Rifayet Rifat

Founder at TheSoftKing

Mustafa Mamun

General Secretary, BITPA

Rakibul Islam

Admin, Upwork Bangladesh

SM Mishkatul Islam

CEO & Founder at Future IT Park & Computer Park

Abir Khan

CTO at TheSoftKing

Nazmul Hussain

Owner and CEO at Dreamweaver InfoTech

Md. Rafiqul Islam

Founder & CEO at R.N.J IT

Mahmudur Rahman

Owner/CEO at Clippiang Design

Ahetesham Salehin

Head of Design, Instructory

Xenon Istiak Hasan

CEO and founder at Xen IT

Sazzad Hossain Anik

Owner, Founder & CEO at Host the Website

Md. Ariful Islam

Freelance Digital Marketer

Asaduzzaman Azim

CEO & Founder at Net2Solution

RH Riyad

Founder at SkyrocketCoach

Sudipta Apu

Upwork Spotlight Designer

Syed Tafsir Mohammad

Marketing Manager at Payoneer

Mazharul Islam Setu

Founder at Weblab X

99designs meetup khulna 2019

The 99designs Meetup Khulna 2019 was held in Khulna, Bangladesh in 2019. The event brought together over 300 successful freelancers and IT professionals from all over the country to focus on the 99designs marketplace and hear presentations from top-rated freelancers and professional designers. Sponsors, guests, and participants helped to make the event a memorable experience for attendees. The meetup was highly successful and became well-respected in Bangladesh. Speakers shared valuable insights and guidance on financial topics including designing, freelancing, business management, and IT. New freelancers had the chance to learn from the experiences of successful professionals in the industry. In addition to the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals in the field. Overall, the 99designs Meetup Khulna 2019 was a valuable opportunity for designers, freelancers and IT professionals.

Meet our Organizers

Ruhul Amin Rubel

Admin Cinta Creative

Shahin Hossen

Admin Cinta Creative

Rakibul Islam

Admin Cinta Creative

Muaz bin sattar

Admin Cinta Creative

Mir Imran Hossain

Admin Cinta Creative

Jahid Hassan

Admin Cinta Creative

Abir Hossain

Member Cinta Creative

Ingamul Haque Jim

Member Cinta Creative

Saju Ahmed

Member Cinta Creative

Aminur Rahman

Member Cinta Creative

Nazmul Hossain

Member Cinta Creative

Sm Bellal Hossain

Member Cinta Creative

Abu Bakar

Admin Cinta Creative

Sayed Monjur Morshed

Admin Cinta Creative

RI Rafiq

Member Cinta Creative

Abu Raihan

Member Cinta Creative

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